The true beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul and this is so personified by Anuradha Alex representing Singapore. She’s a dancer, a model, a social activist and the winner of the coveted title Mrs. Earth International, 2017. It was her childhood dream to participate in a beauty pageant but the restrictions of being brought up in a conservative family only allowed her dream to become a reality in her 40’s. Mrs. Earth International is one the most prestigious pageant platforms dedicated to married women. It’s not only about glitz and glamour, but the participants are involved in various community services and projects; being a test of endurance, poise, grace and charitable deeds. A platform where women are encouraged and inspired to change the way a married woman thinks and makes a difference in the society. She is grateful for being awarded the Title Mrs. Earth International 2017 and is seen as a role model who is able to strike a balance between work and family with all these qualities. Being exposed to a multicultural environment has helped her to have a better understanding of other people’s beliefs, culture and values. A Sociologist by profession, she experienced the corporate world, early in her career, discovering later her passion and love in nurturing children and support women empowerment. Caring for the environment is the social responsibility of every individual. She believes that by educating children, one can spread the awareness of protecting our mother nature to have a peaceful and a healthy future. This passion has led her to get actively involved with various plantation activities at Garden City Fund Singapore. She also plays an active role in volunteering to educate and empower women with very low income, as she strives for women empowerment. She trusts that every step we take in life is a new experience by itself with getting connected to people, learning new things and implementing our learning experience for the betterment of our society. Her love for the planet and the various educational activities are creating the necessary awareness in the youth towards becoming responsible in conserving mother Earth. She is a true change maker and we admire her passion and perseverance to chase her dreams!