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Mrs. Earth 2018 Crowing


Kristi Wischnack


Kristi Wischnack – Wife, mother, entrepreneur and volunteer advocate are just a few words that describe Kristi Wischnack.  After winning the national title of Mrs. U.S. Earth, representing her home state of Kansas, Kristi travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada and captured the coveted title of Mrs. Earth 2018.  
As a veteran wife of 13 years, Kristi is a strong proponent and advocate for Military Veterans and in 2014 was bestowed the Military spouse of the Year award for her volunteer work and projects including outreach programs and her participation in helping with the very first Veterans Day parade in Topeka Kansas.  When not being a mother to 6 and grandmother to 2, Kristi can be found managing her own small business, Glamour Girl Boutique.   Kristi’s love for pageantry began many years ago, when her daughters participated in state and national competitions and decided to participate herself. As a result, she has taken her passion and devotion further by coaching aspiring titleholders and sharing the ups and downs of their journey with them.
A coffee and chocolate lover, Kristi stays fit by hiking, working out, zip lining and being outdoors whenever and wherever she can.  As Mrs. Earth, Kristi looks forward to traveling the country, getting involved with environmental organizations and is working to improve the environment by becoming part the Crayola Color Cycle initiative, which aims at repurposing used Crayola markers rather than seeing them end up in are already fragile ocean waters.  
Kristi resides in Kansas with her husband Herb, a former sergeant first class in the US Army and their two small boys, Brighton and Brenndon.

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